VoID Dataset

Extractor, provides a form to fill in VoID Dataset metadata properties.

Get distribution IRI from input
Gets distribution IRI from input, output of DCAT-AP Distribution is expected.
Distribution IRI
When used independently, distribution IRI can be set here.
Example resource URLs
URLs of example resources.
URL of a SPARQL endpoint through which the data is accessible.
Copy download URLs to void:dataDump
In DCAT, the link to download a file is dcat:downloadURL. This copies it also to void:dataDump for VoID enabled applications.


RDF single graph
RDF single graph
Look in pipeline
VoID Dataset
Sample pipeline

The VoID Dataset component provides a form to fill in VoID Dataset metadata. The typical usage is in each data preparation pipeline to store and produce distribution related metadata. Though the exact relation of DCAT-AP Distribution and VoID Dataset is not defined, for our purposes we say that for RDF distributions of datasets, they are the same. Therefore, the expected usage is that the IRI of the DCAT-AP distribution describing RDF data is the same as the IRI of the VoID dataset. So far, we support only limited number of VoID properties wiht focus on catalogization in CKAN. It can use the output of the DCAT-AP Distribution component to reuse the Distribution IRI and download URLs. Its output can be used by the DCAT-AP to CKAN component for loading the metadata into CKAN.