DCAT-AP to datahub.io

Loader, loads DCAT-AP v1.1 metadata to the datahub.io CKAN, from which the LOD cloud diagram is generated. Helps you with all the additional requried metadata.

Datahub.io API Key
The API key allowing write access to the datahub.io CKAN catalog. This can be found on the user detail page.
CKAN dataset ID
The CKAN dataset ID to be used for the current dataset
CKAN owner organization ID
ID of your datahub.io CKAN organization, e.g. 9046f134-ea81-462f-aae3-69854d34fc96
CKAN license ID
ID of the CKAN license, which is different from the license URL specified in DCAT-AP metadata
Additional metadata
Follows the additional requried metadata document


RDF single graph - EU MDR NALs
RDF single graph - DCAT-AP v1.1
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DCAT-AP to datahub.io

The DCAT-AP to datahub.io component loads DCAT-AP v1.1 metadata to the datahub.io CKAN instance. The typical usage is for metadata created by the DCAT-AP Dataset, DCAT-AP Distribution and VoID Dataset components. The component currently uses the File type NAL codelist published by the EU Publications Office to label file types in the CKAN catalog. Therefore, this codelist needs to be provided on its EU MDR NALs input. This can be a local copy, or a fresh download. The component helps you to correctly fill out the additional requried metadata for the dataset to be included in the next version of the LOD cloud diagram.