Excel to CSV

Transformer, allows the user to transform Microsoft Excel files to CSV files.

Output file name template
File name template under which the output CSV file will be visible in the pipeline, including extension. You can use {FILE} and {SHEET} placeholders to generate multiple CSV files from one input file
Sheet filter
Java regular expression matching Excel sheet names to process. If empty, all sheets are processed
Row start
Number of the first row to be transformed
Row end
Number of the last row to be transformed
Column start
Number of the first column to be transformed
Column end
Number of the last column to be transformed
Virtual columns with header
Adds sheet_name column header as this is currently the only supported virtual column
Determine type (date) for numeric cells
Excel stores dates and integers as double values. When checked, the transformer tries to parse these as dates and integers
Skip empty rows
When checked, empty rows are not included in the output CSV. Otherwise, they are full of NULL values
Add sheet name as column
When checked, a sheet_name column is added, with source Excel sheet name as a value
Evaluate formulas
When checked, formulas in Excel are evaluated


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Excel to CSV

The Excel to CSV component takes the input Microsoft Excel files and extracts CSV files from them. Multiple Excel sheets can be extracted into multiple CSV files. The information of from which sheet a particular CSV file came from can be included in the CSV file itself as an additional column.