SPARQL update chunked

Transformer, allows the user to transform chunked RDF data using SPARQL UPDATE queries. This means that the input data will be changed - added to and/or deleted from, preserving the data chunking.

SPARQL Update query
Query for transformation of triples


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RDF chunked
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SPARQL update chunked

The SPARQL update chunked component modifies input data using a SPARQL Update query, passing the input data and modifying it using the query. This component works with chunked RDF data, executing the query separately on each chunk, which can save considerable amounts of resources, both time and consumed memory. It can be configured at runtime using RDF configuration, which can be generated by another component. Chunked RDF data is produced e.g. by Files to RDF chunked, SPARQL endpoint chunked or Tabular chunked.

Runtime configuration

Below you can see sample runtime configuration for the component. Note that RDF blank nodes are not allowed in runtime configurations.

@prefix su: <> .

<http://localhost/config> a su:Configuration ;
    su:query "DELETE { ?s a ?o } WHERE { ?s a ?o}" .