Virtuoso extractor

Special purpose component, allows the user to instruct OpenLink Virtuoso triplestore to dump a named graph to the remote file system. Uses Virtuoso Bulk Loader functionality.

Virtuoso JDBC connection string
JDBC database connection string to connect to the Virtuoso iSQL port (typically 1111)
User name
User name to Virtuoso
Password to Virtuoso. Note that this is plain text and in no way secured
Source graph IRI
IRI of the RDF graph to be dumped
Output path
Directory on the remote file system (local to Virtuoso) where the files will be dumped


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Virtuoso extractor

The Virtuoso extractor component instructs a remote instance of OpenLink Virtuoso to dump a named graph using the Virtuoso Bulk Loader. It is recommended to use it together with Extract from FTP or HTTP get to download larger RDF files (approx. > 5M triples) from Virtuoso, and Decompress archive to decompress them, as they get dumped Gzipped.