So far, we only support building from source. Binaries will be supplied once we reach our first release. Therefore, you need Java 8 update 101 or newer (Java 9 supported in develop branch only), Git, Maven and Node.js.


Clone from GitHub

First, clone the project from GitHub. You can do that from command line using git clone or you can use TortoiseGit.


Build using Maven

Once the project is cloned, build it using Maven's mvn install command. You may consider skipping tests by using the -DskipTests parameter to speed things up.


Configure using text editor (skip for develop branch)

Copy the file to deploy/ and edit it in your favorite text editor, setting the paths to working directories, etc.


Run our 4 components

Once configured, you are ready to go. Currently, the ETL project consists of four components, which are ran individually from the deploy folder. Either run them in four separate console windows, or in shell or Cygwin in the background, e.g. ./ &, ./ &, ./ & and ./ &. The frontend should now run on http://localhost:8080 or the port used in the configuration.