Files to SCP

Loader, allows the user to transfer a file to a server via the SCP protocol.

Host address
Address of the target server for the file upload. E.g.
Port number
SSH port to use. Typically 22
User name
User name for the server
Password for the server. Note that this is plain text and not secure in any way.
Target directory
Directory on the server where the file should be uploaded. E.g.~/upload/
Create the target directory
When checked, tries to create the target directory, when it is not present on the server. Fails otherwise.
Clear target directory
When checked, empties the target directory before loading input files.


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Files to SCP

The Files to SCP component takes input files and uploads them to the specified directory on the specified server using the SCP protocol. Useful for uploading dumps of the data resulting from a pipeline. It is often used with the Virtuoso loader, which tells a remote OpenLink Virtuoso instance to load a file located on the file system of the server it is running on.