Virtuoso loader

Special purpose component, allows the user to instruct OpenLink Virtuoso triplestore to load a file from the remote file system. Uses Virtuoso Bulk Loader functionality.

Host address
JDBC database connection string to connect to the Virtuoso iSQL port (typically 1111)
Name of file to load
File name of the file to load
Target graph IRI
Target RDF graph for input triple files and default graph in quad files
Directory with files to upload
Directory on the remote file system (local to Virtuoso) where the files to be loaded are located
Clear target graph before loading
When checked, executes SPARQL CLEAR GRAPH on the target graph before loading
Clear load list
When checked, deletes the db.dba.load_list table in Virtuoso
User name
User name to Virtuoso
Password to Virtuoso. Note that this is plain text and in no way secured
Number of loaders to use
Virtuoso can load multiple files in parallel. This specifies how many and it should correspond to the available number of cores on the server.


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Virtuoso loader

The Virtuoso loader component instructs a remote instance of OpenLink Virtuoso to load a file or a directory using the Virtuoso Bulk Loader. It is recommended to use it together with Files to SCP to load larger RDF files (approx. > 5M triples) to Virtuoso, as the other methods, the SPARQL endpoint and the Graph store protocol, can cause Virtuoso to become unstable or crash.